SAI variable technology

Characteristics of SAI Motors

Displacement variation up to 10: 1 (max.-min. displ.)

  • From 100% to 0 cc with continuous variation!
  • Outstanding volumetric and mechanical efficiency
  • Very wide speed range: 0,1 to 2500 rpm
  • Peak power from 15 to 500 kW
  • High pressure and power capability
  • Fixed, dual and variable displacement

Case Study:
Traditional solution

Axial piston motor with mechanical gearbox:

  • Not synchronized gearbox, difficulty in changing the speed and
  • risk of damaging the gears. Or synchronized one: not cheap
  • Problems of the gearbox overheating, flushing may be required
  • Axial P. Motor Low efficiency => less power on the drill & higher consumption

Orbit motor:

  • Poor efficiency and starting torque
  • Limited pressure capability
  • Poor displacement variation (max. 3:1, 2:1)

Next generation, the SAI solution:
drilling head for exploration

Less reduction required: no need of gearbox
Higher displacement variation: no need ofmechanical gear switch
Higher motor efficiency: increase of productivity!

SAI TV3.5 1200-0 motor:
Lower transmission ratio => better mechanical efficiency
No gear change required, the speed variation is got through the displacement variation of the motor
From 0 to 1200 ROD rpm only by adjusting the motor displacement!
Higher efficiency => more power on the drill & lower fuel consumption
Less bothersome noise, due to the lower frequencies produced by the motor


Proven application examples:
Rotary heads