Assembled Localy - Warehouse in Cape Town

SAI reaffirm its commitment to "local for local" moving SAI South Africa in the expanded new facility in Cape Town. Boasting a 350 square mt. workshop, assembly cells, improve energy efficiency and other environmental waste, and most importantly, strengthen its “local for local” mission of giving customers faster access to its product lines.

The distribution service handles shipments to customers all over Southern Africa, supporting customers with functions such as assembling, testing, quality control, shipping and after sale service. Customers served out of the Cape Town facility include those in the construction and agricultural mobile equipment industries, marine and offshore, drilling, mining, as well as specialty and test machinery.

SAI commitment to run a clean factory and be a good citizen continuously reducing our CO2 emissions is also enlightened using test stands and manufacturing equipment that use a lot of SAI products.

Finally, the continued move towards “local for local” provides industry-best lead times for the delivery of hundreds of motors, gearboxes, brakes and accessories. 90% of SAI range of products are delivered from Cape Town in 5 working days, commitment that SAI intend to expand to 100% whole range in the nearest future.