What are the advantages of
SAI Interchangeability?

  • Higher starting torque, due to better mechanical efficiency
  • Higher speeds, with equivalent power rating due to Mechanical, non elastic piston guidance design: the pistons follow the shaft eccentric without separation and hammering under all normal and anomalous hydraulic or mechanical operationg conditions (cavitation, high case pressure, vibration, centrifugal forces etc.)
  • Forced lubrication of all load-bearing surfaces
  • Disc cage in crankshaft central roller bearing to minimize heat generation and maximize heat dissipation
  • More power in minimum displacement
  • High performance options (customization)
  • Lower sensitivity to thermal shocks and oil contamination
  • Higher back pressure capability
  • Interchangeability

Lower sensitivity to thermal shocks and oil contamination

The SAI distributor, due to its shape, does not require components with very tight tolerance, oil in pressure is kept by a seal, this allows a much better resistance to thermal shocks and to particles suspended in the oil.

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