Basic equations to selection of hydraulic motors

FLOW     q =   D  x  n

1000 x ƞv

FLOW (q) = D x n / 1000 x ƞv q = (l/min)
  D x Δp x ƞhm D     
TORQUE (M) = __________________ Δp    
63 ƞhm  
TORQUE (M) = D x Δp x ƞhm / 63 M = (Nm)
  q x Δp x ƞt q  
  _______________ Δp  
  600  ƞt    
POWER(P) = q x Δp x ƞt / 600 P = (kW)
  M x 62.83 M   
  _____________ Δp   
REQUIRED MOTOR DISPLACEMENT = M x 62.3 / Δp D = (cm3/rev)
  M x 62.83 M    
  ____________ Δp    
  Δp X ratio g-box ratio  
REQUIRED MOTOR + G.BOX DISPLACEMENT = M x 62.83 / Δp X ratio D = (cm3/rev)

D= displacement (cm3/rev) n= shaft speed (rpm) ƞv= volumetric efficiency Δp= differential pressure (bar) between inlet and outlet ƞhm= mechanical efficiency ƞt= overall efficiency (ƞt= ƞv x ƞhm)

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